Global pandemics can be a sad state for the world to be in. Floating in limbo, uncertain of the future, it can be hard to ground yourself and sometimes hard to keep smiling. Each day I write myself goals and affirmations to help me overcome feelings of loneliness and grief. I've taken steps to look after myself in ways I didn't notice myself neglecting before.


My puppy came home to me on May 7th and a hole was filled in my heart that I never knew was missing to begin with. I have a best friend for lockdown and for life, I have a reason to get out of the house every single day and I'm happy to do it. I have responsibility and I'm challenged in a way I always enjoy. He's brought me joy throughout this tremulous time and I feel gratitude daily. 


Being adaptable because sometimes things don't always go to plan when you have direction and purpose those things wouldn't change. 

Moving out it wasn't easy but I knew it was necessary 

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

Graduating and training as a Trauma Informed Care Practitioner

Finally continuing to prioritising my mental health because I would feel like a hypocrite running a mental health service without prioritising my own


2020 was very tough for all of us in different ways. Some people may have lost their loved ones, some may have lost their jobs and some may have struggled to keep up with their mental well-being. What got me going is my faith! As a Muslim the essence of my faith is “this world is a test”. Knowing that the struggles around around me is a test allows me me to sometimes take few step back when I am overwhelmed and sometimes it allows me to be productive and make a change! It teaches me about balance.


Even though I’m sure learning to balance is a skill I feel would be very difficult to achieve 100%. But knowing all I need to do is try is very reassuring and comforting. This is why for me my faith and religion got me going in 2020. 

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