Mind Attack by Doc Stephens part 1
Mind Attack by Doc Stephens
They say it is never the same
For every one,
A case by case basis,
Unique in its manifestation.
You see, your mind
Is like your enemy--
It attacks your intelligence,
Forces you to do things.
Yet no one seems to see
It this way.
They blame you…
You alone.
Not the cause…
Just you!
You equal the big problem!
No one else!
Just you!
They’re on the outside looking in.
Passing judgement.
Making assumptions.
So inconsiderate.
So ignorant—
Do they even care?
Mind Attack by Doc Stephens part 2
You’re just a spectacle to them.
A topic of conversation.
They always talk about the bad
And never the good.
Never the good.
Never the good.
They rather ignore the calls for help,
The blatant calls for help,
So that they could--
Have a laugh?
To kiki?
Well it ain’t funny!
This is serious!
Regardless, I hope you never have to
Experience what I have to experience.
To be a prisoner to your own mind.
To not be in control.
To wake up and to wish you could sleep.
Sleep the pain away
Mind Attack by Doc Stephens part 3
Sleep the pain away
The people say that we should get up.
Get up?
Well that’s easier said than done, luv!
The people also say that it has to
Start from within…
Well I’m waiting.
Waiting for change.
Sometimes trying to heal from psychological trauma feels like living your life seeing half of a picture and suddenly you see some other parts that were missing it's not always a pretty picture but it's more complete.
I am a childhood Emotional Neglect survivor
I deserve to leave the toxic environment I grew up in
Sometimes there's shame that comes with childhood trauma .
I am more than my circumstances
I am enough not because I am wiser now but simply because I was always enough
Remember that you're enough
Hiding our Pain
Just because you can't see my pain doesn't mean it isn't there.

A lot of us hide our pain

For people who have experienced toxicity or trauma .Our bodies and brains switched to survival mode
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